Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Parents are the best role model. Agree or disagree?

          A great person comes from a great family. A family consists of mother, father and their child, which in turn will make up the whole society. It is crucial for parents to display good examples in order to bring up their child into a spectacular individual. Personally, I agree that parents are the best role model in a family because they are the foundation in creating a good community.

          We cannot deny that parents[U1]  are the closest person [U2] in our lives. Why? As a child, we [U3] are likely to absorb and follow each and every parent’s [U4] behaviour and their[U5]  reactions to any situations. This is simply because we spend most of the time with them since we were born. In fact, they are the one who take care of us and watch us grow to be who we are right now. Anything that our parents are doing  [U6] will directly influence our personalities and attitude. Therefore, most of us will choose our parents as the best role model as they bring a big impact on ourselves.

           Good parents will mould good children. Almost any parents would want the best for their child. Hence, parents should be as good as gold [U7] so that they can be an idol [U8] for their kids. For instance, to teach their child the importance of reading, they themselves must start the reading habit at home. Thus, the child will see how significant the habit is and will eventually implement it in their lives. Thus, it cannot be denied that parents are the pioneer in creating a conducive [U9] atmosphere at home, which in turn will affect their child’s development.

          In a nutshell, I believe that parents are the best role model for their children. Parents must put their effort in shaping their kids to be an extraordinary people [U10] who will change the world to a better ……..[U11]  in the future.

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